Mala Candels

We select sustainable materials as best we can when it comes to the creation of our candles and packaging, while also creating in small quantities to maintain quality and care and to avoid unnecessary waste.


All our candle materials and packaging is eco-friendly and fully recyclable. Our candle jars are made from 25% post consumer material, and are in turn 100% recyclable. Our natural wax is fully renewable, unlike typical candle waxes, so therefore sustainable. We ship our packages in 100% recyclable Kraft mailers and boxes, and our cards, stickers, and labels are printed on recycled paper. 

As we’re aware that not all recyclables make it to be fully recycled, we work to re-use our cans until they’ve run their course. Return your used candle to our studio address to receive a dollar off your next candle purchase!

As we're constantly learning and striving to improve on our green practices, we appreciate any insight and tips that we get. :)

If you've made it this far, thank you truly for making the conscious decision to support a small business, run solely by myself. By choosing our candles over mass produced ones, you are making a great impact on a small business while lessening the environmental impact that typical mass produced candles have on Mother Earth by choosing to shop handmade. 

Without you, I wouldn't be able to do what I do everyday, so thank you.

P.s: Learn more about my journey here.

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1 product