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Hi! I’m Nicole Henzel, originally from the center of Canada aka Manitoba. My preference on being called Henzel stems from growing up in a small french town where the name Nicole was quite popular (five Nicole’s in some of my classes), in order to save myself from the constant whiplash of turning around every time “Nicole!” was shouted my friends and I began calling me by my last name Henzel. I am now currently living in an over priced attic room in Vancouver, but worth it for the mountain views.

I have a Bachelor Degree in Environmental Science, as well I am currently studying Illustration at the Emily Carr University of Art +Design -this is where I discovered my illustration style. My work is inspired by the human form, silhouetting its beauty through wispy contour lines and the occasional hint of colour. I, illustrate by telling a story with simplistic prints allowing the admirer to create their own narrative through their own life’s experiences -though sometimes they are more obvious illustrations.

Hope you enjoy :)

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